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Communication—among members of your company and between you and your customer—is vital to the success of your enterprise. What you say and how clearly you say it means the difference between success and struggle.

Cleverfish is a next generation innovator offering your firm both efficient, effective communications technology and a sleek and effective visual presence, everything from servers and computer repair, to phone systems and video conferencing, to web design with the printed materials to match.

It is vital to your organizations success to have a technology partner who truly understands the connection or convergence of the many different aspects of technology. For example, phone system integration with internal software, or web site integration with phone system or internal software.  Does your company have a true disaster recovery plan inclusive of all the different pieces of technology?  Let Cleverfish ease your pain, eliminate the fingerpointing from mulitple vendors.

Cleverfish understands how important your network environment is.  We partner with companies to ensure that their technology goals are met.

Cleverfish is located in Scranton.  Our service area includes Scranton, Wilkes Barre and the greater NEPA area.