We are dedicated professionals with a passion for helping clients communicate their innovative ideas to the customer in attention-getting, memorable ways. We infuse every design with creativity, personality and consistency so that your corporate identity will endure as your company grows and evolves. And because our design professionals have the same can-do attitude, technical expertise and forward-thinking grasp of trends that characterize our communications and technology staff, Cleverfish can ensure that your communications, IT and marketing solutions all work together to present the most effective image and most efficient interaction between your company and the world.


who we are

The print and design professionals at Cleverfish craft your company's image with a can-do attitude, technical expertise and a forward-thinking grasp of trends.


what we do

Cleverfish's extensive portfolio of print, web, corporate identity and advertising pieces demonstrates our commitment to communicating your innovative ideas to the customer.


working with you

Cleverfish works with you to discover, discuss, develop and deploy the most innovative ideas in the service of your company's needs. Here's how the process works.