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Empower Business Mobility

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network with next generation 802.11n combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver scalable, manageable, and secure WLANs with a low total cost of ownership. It includes innovative RF capabilities that enable real-time access to core business applications and provides proven business-class secure connectivity. It addresses all layers of the WLAN, from client devices and access points, to the network infrastructure, to network management, to the delivery of advanced wireless services integration and award-winning, worldwide, 24-hour product support.

Cisco Motion offers a practical approach to business mobility. It helps you unite existing networks and applications to put your employees, partners, customers and even corporate assets in Motion. With CLEVERFISH, you can provide a consistent mobility experience to help your organization:

  • Improve employee efficiency and enhance customer and partner experiences
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration using your choice of tools: application access, voice, video, instant messaging, or e-mail
  • Maintain security and access device and network policies
  • Redefine business processes with voice, guest, location, security, and other mobility services
  • Track assets in real time
  • Turn an entire city into a hotspot, allowing city workers and citizens to do their jobs anywhere