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No matter how well designed your website, its value is lost if the site cannot be found by potential customers online. Cleverfish’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Marketing and Web Maintenance services can boost your search rankings and help your business achieve a more prominent web presence through careful strategic planning and link-building. Cleverfish tailores a web marketing strategy to your products and in line with your marketing goals. Our expertise in planning SEO strategy and implementing search-engine-friendly content consistently yields impressive results. With no contracts or catered packages of extras you don’t need, Cleverfish’s SEO services turbo-charge your existing website in one clean, clear-cut project. Don't pay to much for someone to stear you in the wrong direction. We are a results orientated company focused on getting your business what we all want CUSTOMERS.

Web Marketing done right by the Cleverfish web team. Call our Scranton office now for pricing or to learn more 570-969-1990

The Cleverfish web team takes web design and web marketing to new levels. Custom design with unmatched functionality. What does your web site do for you?

Call today to speak with one of our experts and find out what you are missing. Web marketing done right!!! Results orientated approach!!

The Cleverfish web design, web development, SEO or web marketing, and web maintenance team are able to serve not only the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and NEPA region but clients from around the world.

High definition video conferencing available in our Scranton, PA location. This allow us the ability to connect anywhere in the world via Video Conference.

HD Video Conferencing rentals also availble. Call for details or visit our HDVC page.