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The Cleverfish approach is to help businesses navigate social media correctly.  Social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more present opportunities for businesses to increase or create followers.  Let the Cleverfish team cast away the doubts, put to rest all the uncertanty, and finally provide businesses the results the want and need.

Cleverfish provides social media management to not only clients in the Scranton and Wilkes Barre markets but greater NEPA and the World.  Find out what makes Cleverfish different and why companies rely on us to deliver social media management done right.

Internet-based social media make it easier for people to interact, listen, engage and collaborate with each other.  But, as the volume of social media venues and conversations rises, social media quickly becomes a time and labor intense process to effectively track, converse, monitor and manage the social media.

Social media management solutions that Cleverfish profides can help you manage outbound and incoming online interactions.   The Cleverfish advantage utilizes small business marketing activities and strategies in a more efficient manner.  We streamline and consolidate how you listen to and participate in relevant conversations in the different places that are taking place.  Such as blogs and social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and other public and private Web communities and sites.

We all know how important word of mouth is, and social networking is like word of mouth on steroids.  As a business, it’s vital to tap into and join online conversations not only about your brand, but also those about your competitors, your industry and your areas of expertise.

Sit back and enjoy the service, we take care of everything so that you can focus on your business. We build your social channels, create content around your business, distribute your content through social media, grow your fanbase and engage with your community. Then we do it all again the next day. We work with all the top social networking channels including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Pinterest, Foursquare and many more.

Whether your customers are around the corner or around the world, it’s time to stake your claim in the social media landscape and start reaping the benefits. Contact Cleverfish today and we’ll have your custom branded social media presence up and running in no time.