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Even with the array of technologies that enable us to communicate with one another today, bottlenecks still occur all too frequently, hampering our ability to contact coworkers, supervisors, employees or customers. Cleverfish can help you eliminate costly delays in your lines of communication. We work side-by-side with Cisco Communications to offer you a complete phone system including voice, data, video and wireless networking products to help keep your business running smoothly.

The phone system services can also include the integration of your communications system with your customer data, which gives service agents real-time access to customer data, provides customers with intuitive self-service options, protects customer information and enables you to improve customer interactions in general by making their transactions with your representatives informed and speedy.

Cisco Network Systems, comprised of Cisco routers, switches and network management software, are the foundation for the telecommunications services and applications Cleverfish offers. We customize Cisco’s software, routers and switches to create an intelligent integrated network adapted to your current needs and primed to evolve with your business in the future.

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